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T.G.I.F. Tutorials on

Resources for Today's Researchers


This is not another powerpoint presentation. This guide was created using a wiki, and therefore can be easily edited and modified by anyone knowing the password. Moreover, you never have to worry about losing a handout or having an e-mail burried in your inbox. If you would like to learn more about working with wikis or any other resource you learn about during these tutorials, please feel free to contact a member of the IFPRI Library and Knowledge Management Team. Enjoy!


As part of the new T.G.I.F. Tutorials series, the IFPRI Library and Knowledge Management Unit will be offering brief (30 minute) weekly sessions to showcase new tools and services and how they can be used to support IFPRI research activities. Proposed topics for these tutorials are listed below and also appear in the Sidebar menu featured throughout this site.

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Google books, Ignite analytics, Ignite topics, Mendeley, Bios, Twitter, REPEC, Slideshare


Twitter for researchers


Mini data viewers: New ways of data dissemination Creating websites on the fly with Google sites


Tips to be a research movie maker


Alerts: Following your publications wherever they go


How Mendeley can boost your research profile


Alerts: Following your publications wherever they go


Planning for an event: Turn chaos into fun


Are you having the winter IPR & APR blues


Where does IFPRI data go?


Lunch & launch tableau for data visualization and analytics


Now that you have your research data, where should it go?


Discover, explore, mix & remix key agricultural data from HarvestChoice's website


Coming of age: The IFPRI content revolution


World Data Atlas demo


Using Outlook calendar


How to make IFPRI's e-brary work for you


Using Prezi to bring your presentations to life


Files too big to send via email: Hear about how Leapfile can help


Navigating OECD's iLibrary


Photography in the field


Writing made easier


Virtual meetings


Linked open data: Why it matters


Using Tellmaps to present data and engage your audience


Protecting your work through regular backups


From Data to TADA!


Making agricultural knowledge globally discoverable (and hopefully usable): Are we there yet?


GitHub (Take Two!)




Supporting the AU Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Growth & Transformation


Virtual Meetings

Learn about resources for virtual meetings at IFPRI.


Avoid Event Planning Chaos!!

Would you like to spend your evenings with your family and friends instead of at the office planning and preparing for an IFPRI workshop?  Using Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and mail merge you can drastically cut the amount of time spent on planning an event. Instructions Document


ALERT! Following your publications wherever they go

Are you ever curious about where your publications go and who may be citing them?  If yes, come on over to the library to find out how to track them using alert systems and how to repurpose this information for websites, newsletters and bio pages.


A quick introduction to LaTeX

A brief overview of what LaTeX is and its utility for improving the typesetting quality of documents, particularly those containing mathematical elements.


Research Tools for the iPad

Do you have an iPad but don’t feel quite as cool as the people in the ads? Or, are you instead watching all the other iPads on the train every morning wishing you had one, but not quite sure how you would use it? Come to this week’s TGIF to learn how to make the best use of the iPad as a reader; share files with co-workers with iPads (or other tablets) and those without; and learn how to use Mendeley for the iPad.


Improving your research with knowledge management tools: Examples from the biofuels research area

Check out this video where Ewa Sobczynska and Amarachi Utah present on how different knowledge

management tools such as Mendeley, Reference Manager, Google Reader and Del.icio.us  can be used to

enhance your research.


Out of the box tools for IPR & APR to produce lists of publications and meassure their impact. 
Check out this video where Luz Marina presents on using different tools to facilitate IPR & APR processes. For additional information also refer to Publish or Perish tool.


ALERT! Following your publications wherever they go

Luz Marina presents on using Google Scholar, ISI Web of Science, WorldCat and Science Direct alerts, highlighting new ways to receive updates on your own research areas of interest.


Backing up your local drives

Jiun Heng presents how to install WinZip Pro on your computer (if it isn’t already there) and use it to zip files to CD, DVD and external hard drives. 


Email archive folders

Jiun Heng from Computer Services demonstrates how to check the size of your archive folder, how to split it in two, and answers all of your questions about archive folders.


Promote your publications and research using webtools

We review several approaches for creating researcher bio pages- from personal websites to blogs to professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.


Wikis for project management

An introduction to wikis, featuring different types of project materials (web sites, calendars, to-do lists, project documents, etc.) and examples of how these may be used for collaborative purposes.


iGoogle for enhanced Internet surfing

An overview of Google's new service for setting up your own personal, customizable home page for pulling in your e-mail inbox and content from your favorite sites via RSS feeds.


Social bookmarking for sharing research articles

A brief introduction to services such as del.icio.us and cite.u.like that can be used to share web resources such as online journal articles and webpages among networks of colleagues.


RSS feeds for staying current

An overview of RSS feeds and feed reader services and how they can help save you time and effort in surfing the web for the latest research information.


Social networking for professionals

A quick introduction of the popular social networking software and how researchers are using it to find and communicate with colleagues on the web.


Podcasting for development

An explanation of the term and how researchers and their organizations are using podcasting for enhanced impact and outreach. 


Similar efforts are made at:


http://bethkanter.wikispaces.com/ (Resource sheets on the left hand menu)



Would you like to spend your evenings with your family and friends instead of at the office planning and preparing for an IFPRI workshop?  Using Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and mail merge you can drastically cut the amount of time spent on planning an event.

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